The need to integrate the residents of Lagos state into e-government initiatives to enable the services provided by government to be fully utilized and also provide an accurate picture for government policy and planning was the brain behind the creation of LASRRA.

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Bill was passed and signed into law on the 27th of June 2011.


Meet the General Manager

Engr. (Mrs) Ibilola Kasunmu, General Manager, LASRRA

Engr. (Mrs) Ibilola Kasunmu took over from Mrs. Olukemi Adelusi who retired statutorily in August, 2019. She started her career in Public Service at the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA). She was absorbed into the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as an Assistant Director, Power Department. Prior to her deployment as the 6th General Manager of the Agency, Mrs. Kasunmu was the General Manager, Lagos State Electricity Board. (2015- 2019).


Government Planning

Allows Government to determine the overall resources required to formulate and implement policies.

Effective Planning

Assist in determining the most appropriate and effective refuse collection system for the residents of the state and the amount of waste equipment and refuse collectors required for any specified locality within the State.

Proper Allocation

Allows for proper allocation of resources to the appropriate sectors of the economy that meet the needs of the residents of the State.

Enhances Government Ability

Enhances the ability of the Government to plan for sport and recreational centers across the State and properly place adequate staff numbers in facilities such as coaches and trainers and aids the service delivery strategy of Lagos State.

Improves Health Facility

Improves the health facility provision of the state by determining the appropriate number of health facilities required, their localities, appropriate staff levels, equipment and furniture.

Provision of Public Goods

Ensures adequate provision of public goods for the rural and urban population in terms of logistics, transportation and market institutions and assist the State to eradicate poverty.

Motor Parks Appropriation

Ensures the most appropriate location of motor parks, bus-stops, jetties and terminus across the State and allows for the determination of type and grading of roads.

Why You Need To Register

Identifies the number and placement of hospitals, schools, libraries and books needed in the State and the number of teachers, doctors and nurses required to meet the needs of the populace.

Ensures that the Agricultural Strategies of Lagos State Government meet the needs and demands of the residents of the State.
Facilitates better traffic management, when the numbers of potential commuters are known and helps determine the most appropriate transportation system suitable for different parts of the State – such as rail, buses, cars, ferries.
Enables the State Government to classify neighborhoods within the State and determine the population thresholds for certain facilities and utilities provided by the State. Also help analyze and identify areas for urban regeneration and actions to be taken.
Enables the Ministry of Health to assess the different health needs of different parts of the State.

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