The Lagos State Residents registration Agency (LASRRA) is to register all residents of Lagos State, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations or nationality. As long as the individual resides in the State and intends to continue to remain in the State for 3 months or more, they are obligated to register.

Persons aged 0 – 15 years are considered children in the registration of Lagos State residents initiative and as such are not required to have their bio-metric data captured until such time when the age of 16 years is attained.

For inclusion in the registration process, parents.guardians of children must present the following documentation to register a child:

  • Birth certificate of the child to be registered (a copy will be retained by the registering officer)
  • Two passport sized photographs of the child at the time of registration – one will be attached to the registration receipt and the other attached to supporting documentation presented at registration
  • Copy of registration receipt of the person registering the child
  • Details of parent(s) of the child (where the person registering the child is not the legal parent)
  • Each child that is registered will be issued with a temporal registration card with their photograph attached. This should be retained until a permanent card is printed.