How to Register

There are two (2) modes of registration:

  • Online, whereby the applicants registers via the internet. A unique reference number is generated online, which the applicant takes to their nearest registration point or office, for their biometric information to be captured.
  • Direct Registration at a registration point. Here the applicant’s data is entered manually by the registration officer directly into the registration data bank and their biometric information is captured.

For both modes of registration, when the individual’s biometric data is captured at the Registration Station, a temporary Registration Card is issued for the applicant to retain. This will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. This serves as proof of registration and must be presented when the permanent residency card is printed and to be collected.

Applicants can register anywhere across the state, not necessarily where they live or work, but must pick up their printed residency cards from the registration office located within the LGA/LCDA of their place of residence.

Registration is not complete, until the biometric data of the applicant has been collected at the point of registration.


All applicants are required to provide proof of residence in the State.

Evidence of residency must be taken to the registration station where biometric information will be captured.

Two(2) proofs of residency and identification is required:
Rent Receipt/Utility Bill –of current place of residence

AND any one of the following:

  • International Passport.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Employee ID card – must have address/logo of employer.
  • National ID card.
  • National Driver’s License.
  • Student ID card.
  • Tax Card or receipt.
  • Letter of Identification from Parent/CDA/Householder or registered association or organization.

All proofs of residency and means of identification presented must be valid at the time of registration.

The Registration officer will retain a copy of all items presented. Please bring originals and copies.


The Lagos State Residents registration Agency (LASRRA) is to register all residents of Lagos State, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations or nationality. As long as the individual resides in the State and intends to continue to remain in the State for 6 months or more, they are obligated to register.


Person age 0-15 years are considered children in the registration of Lagos State residents’ initiative and as such are not required to have their biometric data captured until such time when the age of 16 years is attained.

In children their fingerprint ridges are proportionate to their stature and become more defined with general body growth, and as such produces variations in the fingerprint captured when compared over time. This can also be applied to their faces, which changes and becomes more defined with growth.

Given the above, the biometric of persons aged 15 years and under will not be captured during the registration of Lagos State residents.


For inclusion in the registration process – parents/guardians of children must present the following documentation to register a child:

  • Birth certificate of the child to be registered (a copy will be retained by the registering officer)
  • Two passport size photograph of the child at the time of registration. One will be attached to the registration receipt and the other attached to supporting documentation presented at registration.
  • Copy of registration receipt of person registering the child.
  • Details of parent(s) of child where person registering the child is not the legal parent.
  • Each child that is registered will be issued with a temporary registration card, with their photograph attached. This should be retained until a permanent card is printed.