Lagos State Residents Registration Initiative

Society has become more mobile and the information held electronically about persons and services by government agencies and other bodies have substantially increased. There is a growing need to integrate the residents of Lagos State into e-government initiatives to enable the services provided by government to be fully utilised and also provide an accurate picture for government policy and planning.

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Bill was passed and signed into law on the 27th of June 2011.

The law established LASRRA with the following functions: 

  • To create a reliable database of all residents in Lagos State.

  • To establish the relevant infrastructure for the creation of a residents information database.

  • To produce guidelines for data to be contained in the registration form.

  • To advice the government on mode of collecting data from the public.

The data collected and collated by the Agency with the residency card issued would provide for a reliable method of authenticating and identifying residents. It will likewise avail the e-services facilities provided by the State.

The Lagos State Residents Registration initiative has the potential to address key challenges facing e-government and other initiatives. Various e-government initiatives have been enabled to collect electronic data and each operates autonomous of each other. To provide a more accurate picture for government policies and planning, a link must be established between these various stores of data.